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Nowadays, more and more people choose a healthy lifestyle. Such an overwhelming tendency can be explained by the fact that there’re lots of people, who are confronted with the diverse health problems, the most frequent of which is overweight, mostly caused by the poor diet.

People, who are serious about their health, while looking and feeling well, prefer, first of all, eating healthy foods. In most cases, healthy food means the unprocessed foods or raw foods of plant origin, which include vegetables, fruits, berries, leafy greens, nuts, seeds and beans etc., which are rich of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The most appropriate way to prepare as well as to consume these products is to make juices, sorbets, purees, smoothies and sauces that are quite fatigable, providing immediately the body with the useful stuff and energy. In addition, many people like drinking juices and smoothies, as they are very tasty, while some of them, for instance, wheatgrass juice, feature the healing qualities, being natural body cleansers.

We all know that to be able to make a good juice we need to have a juicer. Because of the fact that hardness and structure of vegetable stuff, intended for juice, differs, there’re many types of juicers. There’re monofunctional and multifunctional juicers. So, you can find the juicers designed just to press or just to express the juice, offering the extraction of some particular product, which implies that a citrus juicer couldn’t be used by no means to make an apple juice or wheatgrass juice. You can also discover the juicers, designed to extract a perfect juice whether from vegetables, fruits, berries, grass or anything else. Furthermore, the juicers can be made of various materials to delay the rapid oxidation of juice as well as vegetable mass and can feature diverse designs, being as manual or mechanical as electric.

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Thus looking for a wheatgrass juicer, allowing making the healing wheatgrass juice, you can decide on the manual juicer that offers an extremely gentle and efficient process of juice extracting. On the other hand, you can invest your money in a powerful device, known as the whole slow juicer, which appears to be extremely functional, while effectively producing whether juice, smoothie, sorbet or puree.

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