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Imagine that you leave the home and when you come back, everything is clean, without everyone in the house. This is one of the main promises of the new models of robot vacuum cleaners, such as Bobsweep. These robotic vacuums act individually and without your involvement, giving you the opportunity to spend time on other important activities related to your business, family, and so on. It is about intelligent cleaning system and navigation. Such a robot includes many sensors to offer a full control through space and it can do the work really efficiently and fast. All this happens while you’re not home, because the vacuum has a number of functions. You can set the time, days and hours of working whenever you want during the week.

Bobweep robotic vacuum and mop cleans better than traditional devices that you get around the house and occupying much space. Bobi, the last model produced by this Canadian manufacturer is the most advanced vacuum. This cleaning system uses three levels: spinning side brush that collects dirt in the corners and around furniture, two rubber pullers that rotate in opposite directions and a high suction power with the new engine. In addition, the battery of the vacuum cleaner has a range of more times greater than the previous generation and it can recharge by itself. It can clean when you do not have time or when you simply don’t have the mood to do it. You can go to work and program the cleaner to do the job. No need to worry that you will miss any blemish, because this model is equipped with a cleaning head that dynamically adapts to the surface to be cleaned, whether it is about tiles, carpet, linoleum or hardwood floors. After finishing the cleaning, Bobsweep robot vacuum returns itself to the charging base so that everything looks perfectly when you return home.

One of the most important facts about it is that this model helps you to be healthier. Bobsweep standard is the result of a lengthy process of research, which led to the latest technology on the elimination of bacteria. The vacuum removes 99.3% of bacteria specific to residential environments, so it’s suitable for families with children. If you want to read Bobweep reviews and find out more info about its possibilities, you can simply click this link

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