Effortless way to learn the story of Sadiq M. Marafi is available below

Narcissism, greed, inflated ego – these are all the things we see in the legend of Daedalus and Icarus. The ancient mythos is meant to teach us that one must not be too ambiguous in his efforts to become someone who matters. Nevertheless, there are still people, who are prepared to do whatever it takes for fame and fortune. Needless to say, Sadiq M. Marafi is one of such individuals – although he was a lowly clerk at first, he always wanted a better life and was prepared to use all the means necessary, even if it meant that he will need to break the law.

With that said, some people already know the story of Marafi, Dalia Air and the unsatisfied ambitions. It is all connected to the Embraer – the fourth most popular flight jet manufacturer in the world with nearly 15% of the market in its pocket. The Embraer was trying to become even more popular, so it came up with an even more technologically advanced jet – a jet of the future so to say. It is a one of a kind flight jet that is controlled through the computer by the pilot and the computer is in fact so sophisticated and advanced that it minimizes all risks to the minimum. However, although it was a genuinely one of a kind flight jet – a top of the line advancement, many were surprised when it was offered to the Dalia Air – a genuinely unreliable company, whose pilots were known for crashing a plane, while being intoxicated with marijuana.

Marafi along with Hind el Achchabi was a part of the scheme that he engineered in order to release himself from serving anyone. He was trying to make a fortune through diamonds and then wanted to use the money in order to perform an elaborate scheme with the Embraer and the Dalia Air. The story is somewhat similar to the ancient mythos and shows that people will never learn that they cannot play God or try and become rich and famous through illegal activities – one day they will all need to pay for everything and the payback may be very painful in so many ways. Of course, in case you wish to learn more about the story and are interested in all the details, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely check out a number of articles at the earliest opportunity.  

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