Too many Jeep’s airbags have exploded


Driving a car nowadays is considered very safe as far as you do not get into an accident. They are built to protect the passengers. New technologies are created for that purpose. One of the oldest, but also the most efficient is the seat belt. It has a simple design, and nowadays it is mandatory to wear one while you are driving. The next important invention is the airbag. Today, even if it is not mandatory for cars to have them, the majority of car manufactures install at least a couple of them for better security, because it was proven in numerous studies and experiments that cars with airbags are much safer than without them.

However, there have been some sad incidents regarding the airbags. Although the airbags are meant to protect us in case of a collision, they can hurt us as well. Airbags are just a sack filled with air and they burst at a tremendous speed. In case of an accident it is much better to hit the head and the body to this bag of air than the hard metal, but the fast inflation of the airbag is like a punch to the face and the thorax. However, anyone would take a punch in the face from a bag of air than a hit by a metal bar. Unfortunately, some car models have different malfunctions and the airbag can explode. For example, there are already a few cases when the Jeep liberty airbag exploded. One of this jeep airbag accident actually injured a lady so much that she had to make life-changing decisions. She could not work anymore at her usual job; therefore, she could not earn a decent salary anymore. In another unfortunate event, dodge airbag deployed without accident due to a leak in the AC system that short circuited the electrical system. These unfortunate cases are not so rare, but in case they happen, there is help.

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