Advantages and Disadvantages of Narrow Boat Living


Nowadays there are many and various ways to live in a big city such as London, without even renting or owning a house. If you live in London, you might know that this city has a big number of canals and more and more people are choosing to live aboard a narrowboat rather than have a house to live in. Of course narrowboat living is kind of romantic adventure for a young couple who want to live just for themselves or a retired couple who are seek of the big city, its crowd and all the bills they are paying each month to the state. They choose to live independently and to not be attached to a certain place.

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Of course there are various advantages and disadvantages of living on narrow boat. Some of the advantages can be cost of narrowboat and maintaining in comparison with the house. Also people from United Kingdom who live in canal boats do not pay taxes and fees for house. And the last but not least is the mobility the narrowboat can give, so you can travel with your “house” in the whole country without any limitations. The disadvantages of narrowboats are taxes and fees for insurance and license and in some cases the cost of the narrowboat. A lot of firms are charging thousands of pounds for this floating house. Another disadvantage is winter and cold weather, so when canals freeze you can’t move anywhere.

If you are still afraid of changing your lifestyle, to sell your house and to move on a narrow boat with your family, you can get a canal boat for leisure cruising. You can travel on this boat with your family, relatives or friends in the spring and summer and spent your free time or even weekends with your loved ones. Now all you have to do is to visit the website and check through a wide range of narrow boats for sale in United Kingdom. The prices in comparison with other companies which sale canal boats are pretty low and you will find the exactly canal boat you were looking for. Also if you have low or limited budget, here you can find used canal boats for sale  which are in really good condition and kept and maintained with care by their old owners. Do not hesitate any longer and get a canal boat of your dreams.

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