Corruption and mismanaging accusation for the Dalia Air manager


In the past years, lots of incidents and terrible aviation disasters made the news and kept us breathless in front of our TV or computers. Due to this fact passengers pay a much more attention to any kind of news related to the aviation industry. One of the stories that is not yet well known in the media is the one related to the Dalia Air – a Moroccan Charter Company. The fact is that several jets operated by this company where involved in some suspicious events.


The problems began when An Embraer Legacy 600, administrated by this company was simply detained due to a huge debt collection procedure. Ms. Hind el Achachbi – the company manager who is directly responsible for this situation is actually accused for mismanaging the firm and even for putting the passenger’s life in danger. The interesting part is that at least three creditors obtained in the court the real permission to confiscate this jet for covering the multimillion dollars of unpaid debt. Of course, Madame Hind was not able to stop the legal steps required in this kind of situations because a Paris court ordered the arrest of her owned wealth.

Nevertheless, Hind el Achachbi does not recognize her guilt and tries through a court fraud in Nice to defend the integrity of her name and business as well by giving absolutely false testimonies. However, she is not the only one in her family who has problems with the law. Her husband’s name Sadiq M. Marafi also appears in the Nice case and it turns out that he was as well investigated for illicit enrichment in Kuwait and Morocco.

In the same time, while the process is going on and the illegal actions cannot be punished yet, one more incident happened. Another jet owned by the Dalia Air had problems in the US, and instead of welcoming their passengers with warm greetings, the New York airport met them with the emergency vehicles because several persons and crew members were suspected for poisoning. And the bad news don’t end here, it seems that several years ago some of their pilots were tested positive for Marijuana. Can you believe how irresponsible can be an avian company manager that instead of assuring the people safety is preoccupied only about her fortune?

I really hope that this process won’t be delayed and that Hind el Achachbi together with her husband

Sadiq M. Marafi will respond accordingly for all the illegalities that they have done. However, I will be very glad if this information helped you to be more aware of the treats from aviation companies. Be vigilant!

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