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There is no way you can live without humor – actually it is impossible! They say you can either live with humor or with a doctor. Do you often find it difficult to relax after a challenging work day? The stress load got incredibly heavy these days, which means you have to find alternative ways to combat painful symptoms without going to psychologists every now and then you get a nervous breakdown.

Prophylaxis is the key to stability, no matter what you do! That means you should never give up and always try to cheer yourself up, regardless of the situation you are in right now. If there is something you can do to make your body and mind feel better, it is to smile as wide as you can. Smile in spite of problems at work, money or heath issues. These will pass soon and you will rise like a phoenix to enjoy life as you did before. Do you need some emotional shake up, so you can get rid of all the negative thoughts and mental poison? Certainly, you can go out with your friends or throw a party, but you do not necessarily need to spend time in a big company. You can actually achieve same exact effect through watching this amazing omegle video chat prank. Scaring people is always fun as you may never know what reaction you will get.

Do you find it really fun scaring people? A great way to shake someone up, triggering strong emotions such as fear could be quite therapeutic in certain cases. It is always hilarious to watch different people reacting to shocking behavior in online video chats. Have you ever seen horror movies where people become witnesses of online murders? These are extremely scary! How can you tell whether it is a prank or reality? There is no way you can check it, unless you then find yourself in a video on Omegle video pranks video youtube channel. Do not hesitate to check out the whole collection of best video chat pranks that will blow your mind.

Have you ever heard that fear helps alleviate stress? There is no harm in getting scared sometimes, especially if it is a harmless prank. Do you want to see guys falling off their computer chairs, laughing and demonstrating all kinds of crazy reactions? We have the best Omegle video chat pranks for you –

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