AI police technologies against racial profiling


Do you remember the old fantastic movie ‘Robocop’? Well, this is no longer a fantastic story, but a reality! I do take the moment to introduce you the most recent development of the modern science – the Enforcer. This is a law enforcement robot made of material which is 100 times stronger than steel which makes the Enforcer virtually bulletproof. This is my personal view of how a very bad situation can be solved. Police brutality affects us all. But, we tend to focus on Black Lives because of the high number of racial profiling Black people in America face. Racial profiling is also a sensitive issue, because of this country’s history with racism.

Tyree King is a young boy 13 years old who had been deadly shot by the police officers in Columbus. This is also the story of many other black youngsters and adults who have been killed only because of the color of their skin. The Tyree King shooting has made me think on whether I can change this order of events, whether I could contribute, and this is how I came with the idea of the Enforcer. I do really believe that this idea will help us understand how to end police brutality all over America. The one and only aim of the Enforcer is ensuring every human being in America enjoys the same treatment and the same rights for freedom regardless of the color of the skin. The Enforcer has no idea about racial stereotypes and does not consider a racial profiling. The one and only aim is finding the guilty one and prosecute him or her. The video is surely making you think about many issues and ask many questions. This is why we highly recommend you watch the video entirely and very carefully as most of the answers to your queries will be given there.

For more information about this great project and the Enforcer do not hesitate to visit and check the video available on YouTube. Rush to subscribe to the channel to ensure you are up-to-date with the recent new from the field of combating police brutality as we are not going to stop. I used the hashtags #BLACKLIVESMATTER #ALLLIVESMATTER #BLUELIVESMATTER on the title, to get the attention of everyone supporting each of these groups. Together we can change the world and create a new one which would be a happier and safer place for our children!

For more information about bluelivesmatter visit the website.

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