Discover Fishing Methods in Cambodia.


If you are asked which particular things in life do you treasure the most, what kind of answers would I hear? For sure, many people would say that they do not imagine their life without travelling. Journeys give energy and a motivation to explore, both of them suiting well our lives. There is no better way to get rid of boredom or tiredness than taking a journey in an exotic location of our globe. There you will not only discover new civilizations and cultures, you will be able to uncover a bit more about yourself. In this regard, I am taking the liberty to invite you to a great tourist destination, such as Siem Reap City, located in Cambodia. I understand that the best way of seeing the cultural treasures of Cambodia it’s advisable to have a long walk with a backpack, but what I am trying to propose today is here particularly for those who cannot afford themselves enjoying a trip to Cambodia for various reasons, such as time or money.

Fishing is a traditional occupation in Cambodia. For millennia, Khmer population has been earning their living through net fishing. They used to do it in a way that no other populations on Earth ever did. These unusual techniques used to attract countless fishermen and anthropologists to this location. Of course, their meals were not limited to fish. Cambodians love to eat a variety of exotic food that may shock faint-hearted tourists. And by exotic, it means not the exotic you used to. Cambodians deliciously cooking insects, animals, and plants that most people would not even think of eating. These include honey-dipped locusts, fried frogs and snakes, and stewed crocodiles, as well as tarantulas, crickets, and silkworms cooked in every possible way. Sounds just amazing for any food-adrenaline lover! Siem Reap has many fishing areas where we can fish. My channel shows the real life fishing for a living, and many methods to catch fish.

For exhaustive information on Khmer cast net fishing and Khmer fishing culture do not hesitate to watch the entire video on my channel. You will be able to discover there a plenty of information about traditional Siem Reap fishing that was feeding Khmer population since the beginning of its existence. Also, subscribe to my channel as there you will discover a plenty of amazingly interesting things pertaining to Cambodia and particularly to exotic fishing means that are widely employed there.

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