Tithing Can Help Yourself

We all realize that God is almighty. He is everywhere, knows everything, and is capable of doing miracles. However, when we find ourselves in a grave situation, we wonder, where is God in that moment, and why does he allow that to happen to us. We may lose faith in God, however, for every action he does, there is an explanation, although it is not always easy to understand. Many people pray every day to God, they go to church every Sunday, and even tithe for the good outcome of the church, but once their faith is tested, they may back off, as they lose interest. This is one of the biggest mistake, as tithing is a practice that honors God, and this can help your personal and professional life.

There are many individuals who believe in Tithing deception, because they haven’t seen any good outcome other tithe and offering at their local church. However, you must know how to tithe, and you must believe that what are you doing, is truly for God and not just for you.  Let me tell you about a person that has overcome homelessness and a terrible illness, by tithing, and you will not have any more tithing debate with your subconsciousness.

In 2009, Matthew David has been bankrupt and bedridden. Contrary to the logical thing, he began to tithe, because he realized that riches come from within his soul. Although at the beginning, he did not see any improvement in his finances or health, however, he did not lose hope and continued tithing, as he had an iron-grip on the Bible, and he believed everything that is written there. Now, he is a millionaire, and he is working from home, managing a few businesses with thousands of daily sales. He decided to give something back to people that are in the same situation as he was. In his free time, he began writing a book called Allowed, that become one of the best seller on Amazon from its release, although it wasn’t promoted at all in the past. Today, you can access the book for free, by subscribing to the newsletter from Allow.ws. For more information, and to find the answer why the tithing is not giving you any results, Matthew David has uploaded a video on his personal YouTube account that anyone can watch. Give tithing a try, but do it correctly, and you will definitely benefit.

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