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Treat addiction at Retorno International Rehab Center

They say they know what rocky bottom feels like. They say they know how you feel, and then they say they know how to help you. And you feel lonely and you think there is very little anyone can do for you. You worry that if you accept any help everyone will know about your struggle. It is easy to lose heart if you are facing a serious addiction; it is easy to lose yourself. However, if you feel you are need to change, if you know you want to break free from your addiction, Retorno is the place that can hep you.

Retorno is a private drug rehab center with impeccable reputation and effective method of treating its patients. Retorno is the biggest and the best Jewish International Rehabilitation Center. Combining perfectly both inpatient care and outpatient programs, this center has an extensive list of happy clients, people who freed themselves from the nightmare of addiction, who hound strength within themselves to stand on their own two feet and walk through life holding their heads up high.

So let’s see what is so special about Retorno. What are the advantages of going to this specific Private Drug Rehab. To start with, Retorno has a really long experience with treating addiction. The first Retorno clinic was founded in 1989, and ever since then 60 to 80% of their clients successfully completed the full treatment program so they can reintegrate into regular society and rebuild their lives. Next in line, Retorno clinic has a holistic approach towards treatment, combining the 12 Steps with a wide range of modalities for treating addiction, including group therapy, individual therapy, sponsoring, DBT, horseback riding therapy, animal-assisted therapy, empowerment workshops, and more.

Another strong point on Retorno’s agenda is their very convenient location. The main facility is nestled in the rolling hills surrounding Beit Shemesh, in the proximity of Jerusalem and TelAviv. However, the center also has international offices in United States. Retorno is the clinic that understands that treating starts with the prevention. That is why Retorno has one of the strongest prevention programs worldwide, helping nearly 30,000 individuals every year, including soldiers, professionals, educators, laypeople, and students. Retorno also offers courses in mental health.

Therefore, whether you are struggling to put an end to your addiction, or you are a worried parent trying to keep your child out of harm’s way, Retorno Rehab Center will provide you with the support and tools you need to overcome whatever addiction problems you are facing. Visit their site at http://www.retorno.org/ and check out their plan to make you or your beloved one feel better. Do not be afraid to take the first step towards a healthier life today!