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Safe Mosquito traps

There are a few organisms in the world that have the biggest impact on the ecosystem. No doubt that humans have the greatest impact and influence. We achieved such a level of engineering that we could easily perform terraforming. However, if you analyze the humanity’s breakthroughs in science, you will see that we advanced unbalanced. For example, we know the composition of a star located millions of light-years away, but we do not know what kind of fishes are living in the Mariana Trench, which is located just 10 km deep in the ocean. Another example is extermination of mosquitos.


Mosquitos are ones of the most harmful organisms for humans. They are the vectors of dangerous diseases, like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, many types of encephalitis, west Nile virus and lately the Zika virus. A lot of these diseases are very severe, even with the right treatment they can have a high mortality risk. Scientists have analyzed what would be the effect of eradicating mosquitos, and stunningly, they realized that it would not have a very detrimental effect on the ecosystem. Birds and insectivores will still have enough food to survive and even thrive, and people and animals will have to worry less about severe infectious disease.

For now, scientists did not come up with a good solution on how to eradicate them. They are working on creating infertile mosquito males, and spread them in the atmosphere. Until now, these project did not give positive results, but there is hope. Until then, we must use the best mosquito killer to protect us from different mosquito-borne diseases. You will not find a very good mosquito bait that is 100% secure. If you search for best mosquito repellent, you will find many products that claim to be the best, however, neither of them has the success they state that they have.

In this article I am going to tell you about the best mosquito trap, so that you can protect your baby from Zika virus, because as you may have heard, zika infectious is almost harmless for the majority of people, except for pregnant women, which tend to give birth to babies with a lot of defects, and if you can treat somehow malaria or other mosquito-borne disease, you cannot treat babies with birth defects. Zika Zero is offering best mosquito trap. It works pretty simple, and because it is simple, it is very efficient. It eliminates a powerful UV light to attract mosquitos inside a container, which have a patented membrane that imitates the human skins and attracts mosquitos even more. After they are trapped inside the container, they are dehydrated. Zika Zero trap is perfect if you are living in an area where mosquitos thrive. It is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it.